Thursday, November 10, 2011

Java One 2011 - Second Part

Hello everyone, It's been a month since JavaOne11 in San Francisco and I want to share with you some pictures about the event. On the left you can access some of the pictures I took during the event and around the city.

Day one was on Sunday Octuber 2nd 2011, I arrived quite late because I lost my flight from Orlando (MCO) to San Francisco (SFO). My original flight was a non-stop flight but  for a little problem with my bag at the airport I had to flight to Denver (DEN) and then to Reno (RNO) and then to San Francisco (SFO)... :-S
BTW, if you are planning to go to JavaOne12, try to take with you a non-checkable bag...

Anyway, I arrived at about 4pm and grabbed my badge and conference materials (water bottle, JavaOne bag, JavaOne alumni jacket, t-shirt, pen, etc). I lost the JUG's meetings but I could see the Duke's choice awards presented at the Mason Steet Café. Good food, drinks, music and networking for all!

Day two was Monday Octuber 3rd 2011, the day started with the JavaOne technical Keynote lots of information including Java SE (Java7 and Java8),  JavaFX (2.0), Java EE (cloud) and Java ME (embedded). Also, there was the Intel's Keynote presenting the performance of Java on Intel's machines. During the day, I attended several conferences including:
  • Choosing Your Java Web Framework: A Comparison
  • Java ME LWUIT 1.5
  • Instant Cloud: Just Add Java
At the end of the day, I had this LatinAmerica (LAD) Cocktail Reception so I started to walk to the address I was informed, the rain started and I couldn't avoid it... I arrived all wet and realized that the event had moved to another place, away from the place I was at... x-(
So, I missed the LAD Cocktail Reception and went to the OTN Night at Yerba Buena Gardens... again good food, drinks, music, nice show and fun with the OTN guys.

Day three was Tuesday Octuber 4th 2011, great free cappuccino at the Buzz House located at the Mason Street Café in my way to the Zone for a several amount of conferences during the day, including:
  • Java Strategy Keynote
  • What You Need for Building Cool Enterprise Applications with JSF
  • Java EE Web Security by Example
  • Building a Home Security System with Java
  • Top 10 Free Tools and Libraries for Building Better Java ME Applications
  • Web Services Security
  • Beginning Java EE 6 HOL (Hands on Lab)
From the list, the conferences I liked the most were: Java EE Web Security by Example and Top 10 Free Tools and Libraries for Building Better Java ME Applications.

This was a busy day, the hands on lab ended at 9pm, but not too late for a few free beers and some networking at the Buzz House. I met two other attendees while drinking my beer, one from Netherland and the other one from L.A. Surprisingly enough we found an Oracle Financial Services private party and we were able to go inside for more free beer, food, drinks and music YEAH!!!

Day Four was Wednesday Octuber 5th 2011, a day with not to many conferences (at least on my schedule) but perfect to go to visit the Demoground and some other places around the Zone, were you could find pinball games, tabletop games, grab some candies and hang out spaces. The conferences I attended that day were:
  • Refactoring Java EE 5 Code to Take Advantage of Java EE 6 Features
  • Project Coin in Action: Using New Java SE 7 Language Features in Real Code
  • Rethinking Best Practices with Java EE 6
I liked the Project Coin conference where I could see the new changes in the JDK 7 and was great source of information because I had the Java7 Event in Cali on November. The Demoground is a space where you can see demos about java technology: glassfish server, LWUIT, Java Card, etc. And is next to Java Exhibition Hall where you could get some answers from tech companies and also some souvenirs from them.

At the end of the day, we had the Oracle Appreciation Event featuring Sting and Tom Petty and the heartbreakers for great music, food, drinks... you know... great time! Oracle provided transportation to and from Treasure Island, where the event was run. I had to go back early, because my presentation was on the next day and I wanted to practice a little more...

Day Five was Thursday Octuber 6th 2011, my presentation day!! I was So nervous about it that I didn't attend any conference before my presentation. When I was practicing a little more, I heard about Steve Jobs death, so sad...
There were about 20-30 attendees at the conference room. The presentation went well, few questions at the end but people seemed to like it. I definitly will try it again for JavaOne12 and I will improve some things to ensure a better presentation.

At the end of the day we had this event called It's a Wrap at Yerba Buena Gardens and just like the other events we had good food, drinks, music and networking.

So, was it worth it to attend JavaOne11? YOU BET!! tons of information, directly from the people who is in front of the Java Technology wheel, good networking and great time!!
I think this year was better than the last one, although there are some things that can be improve for 2012 like the wireless network around the event.

I stayed an extra day in San Francisco in order to make some tourism around the city before going back home. Great city, small, easy for walking around, nice views around the bay, bring umbrella and jacket.

see ya!