Sunday, February 5, 2012

JavaCup 2012 - Java Hispano

Hi all, I just wanted to share with you a cool Java Tournament called JavaCup 2012 which is presented by JavaHispano (an hispanic java community).

What you need
JDK 5+

The idea
It's a soccer tournament, where you have to program, in java (JDK 5+), the behaviour of your team. It's based on a framework, so you just have to implement interfaces from that framework in order to define the behaviour of your players during the match.

The idea is simple, there are situations in the match that are passed to the methods in your classes and you have to decide what to do in such situations. There is a tool that helps you to create the team, players, etc. The same tool simulates a match using the code you just wrote. The API is easy to use and remember:

You do not have to create the graphics or write the code to render the match, the framework does it for you!

Prices are in cash, first price is 1000€.
Deadline is March 9th 2012 23:59:59 (UTC + 1) (check this link in order to convert timezones)

Here is a presentation of the tournament:

I'm in for the tournament, hope to see you around!



Available on Internet:
[accessed on February 3rd 2012].

JavaCup 2012. JavaHispano [online].
Available on Internet:
[accessed on February 4rd 2012].