Friday, June 29, 2012

Campus Party Colombia 2012 - CPCO5 - Second Part

Hello again. My first participation in Campus Party Colombia 2012 is over, I had my talk about Java 7 yesterday,  Thursday June 29, and it went pretty well. It was a lot of fun and networking, not like the Java One though, but there were so many things to see rather than just conferences about technology. There were gaming contests, programming contests, robots exhibitions, music, etc..

I liked it that conferences are not given in rooms, but in open spaces, so assistants can stop and listen to you. I also enjoyed surfing the web at 16 mbs... nice! There were three great speakers that day: Jon Hall Maddog (yes... the Executive Director of Linux International... omg!), Andrés Velásquez (computers CSI) and, of course... ME!!

Some things to improve in the logistics, I missed the way JavaOne (Oracle) treats speakers with food/drinks and spaces to interact with each other, but in the end, it was a lot of fun, I'm not sure how the asistants can stay the whole week in the arena... camping with temperatures of 50-60 °F, but I can say they don't sleep a lot with those fights in starcraft or many other video games.

Y tú ¿ya Javas 7?
That's the name of my presentation and you can download it using this link: Download PDF File
The presentation is also recorded and uploaded at YouTube (in spanish):

I also took some pictures:

Official Information
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see ya!!