Monday, October 8, 2012

ADF Essentials

Hello all. Today I'm going to present you a great framework for bulding Rich Web applications with Java. It is called ADF Essentials and for those of you who haven't heard about it, let me tell you its benefits:
  • 150 Ajax-enabled JSF components.
  • Support for Skinning.
  • Visual and declarative development.
  • Free to develop and deploy.
  • Glassfish server officially certified, check the ADF Essentials product certification page.
  • Includes ADF Faces, ADF Data Visualization Tools (DVT), ADF Controller, ADF Model, ADF Share, and ADF Business Components. Check this page for a complete list of components included.
  • For more information and other benefits visit the ADF Essentials product home page.

The framework is built over JSF 2 so if you have previous experience in building Web applications using JSF you are likely to start developing with ADF Essentials pretty fast. On the contrary, if you are just beggining with Web development, the visual and declarative development this framework offers will let you build the application in a fast pace. Either case, there are tons of documentation online: books, tutorials and  videos to help you.

What you will need:

I've been using ADF Faces (which is the complete version of the framework) for the last 3 years and I can tell how easy it is to develop RIA (Rich Internet Applications) with it. In future posts I will show you how to deploy a Web application developed with ADF Essentials on Glassfish server and even on Tomcat (which is not yet officially supported).

Two things before we finish:
  • ADF Faces is the complete framework (which is free to develop but not free to deploy) and ADF Essentials is a subset of ADF Faces and is free to develop and deploy.
  • Check the following video from ADF Insider Essentials's channel on youtube so you can see the framework in action:

see ya!


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