Friday, October 5, 2012

My "Make the Future Java" Tool Kit arrived!

Hello all. I want to share with you that my "Make the Future Java" Tool Kit just arrived! It took about 15 days to travel from Redwood, CA to Colombia, but it's finally here and I'm going to show you what's inside.

Make the Future Java motivates each of us to share our knowledge and to inspire future technologists to learn more about Java. You can order your Tool Kit too, is FREE. For more information, please visit the program website.

So what's inside? According to Oracle: "The Make the Future Java Tool Kit contains both learning resources and Java branded materials to give your outreach project more impact". It comes with a nice T-Shirt, postcards, posters and DVDs with the following:

All the tools, tutorials and HOL (Hands On Lab) are available online as well. I'll be posting about our JUG meetings and events where we Make the Future Java. Remember, You can help too, order your Tool Kit and inspire others!

see ya!!