Saturday, December 8, 2012

Arriving to JavaOne LAD by Metrô

Hello all. I'm writing this post because I found some difficulties when trying to reach the Transamerica Expo Center in São Paulo where the JavaOne LAD event was taking place and I wanted to share with you some advices when taking the Metrô:
  1. Visit the Transamerica Expo Center location page. There you will find information about different ways to reach the expo center. Specially, notice that the final station when using metro is "Santo Amaro".
  2. Use google maps in order to find the stations that are near to the place you are staying at.
  3. Use the Trip Planner in the Metrô website. Using this tool you will receive specific directions for boarding and landing in the different stations. For Embarque (boarding) use the station that is near to the place you are staying at and for Desembarque (landing) use "Santo Amaro", which is the closest station to the expo center (at least at the date of this post Dec-2012).
The advantages of using the Metrô are:
  1. Cheaper than taxi.
  2. Faster than taxi, specially if you are staying away of the expo center.
  3. It's a "must do" when visiting São Paulo.
When you reach the "Santo Amaro" station, use the exit Av. das Nações Unidas, Av. Pe. José Maria:

From there, it is a 10 minutes walking to reach the expo center. Follow this instructions and you will avoid disembarking in another station like "Largo Treze" which appears near, but is not, it is a 30 minutes walking from there and believe me, you don't want to walk around there...

I was staying near Av. Paulista and this is the route I should have used from the beginning:

Ver JavaOneLAD en un mapa más grande

Special thanks to @otaviojava who helped me find the correct route.

see ya!