Tuesday, December 4, 2012

JavaOne Brazil 2012 Day One

Hello all, today I had the opportunity to attend JavaOne LAD (Brazil) 2012.

I'm writing this post right from my mobile device, so I'll be brief.
The community keynote was hosted by several java luminaries and Java Champions from Brazil such as
Fabiane Nardon, Yara Senger, Vinicius Senger, Bruno Souza and a special guest from jFokus. The talk was about getting involved with the java community: Jugs, Java Champions, JCP, etc. Inspiring.

The next conference was about The Internet of Things... Really interesting. You can find more about this at: Things-API.org

Unfortunately I was confused and I left early, missing the java technical keynote... Can't believe it!! grgr

Anyway, tomorrow is another day full of conferences and I'll be posting about the ones I like the most.

See ya!