Tuesday, February 26, 2013

CLOJUG - Second Meeting

Hello all. CLOJUG is moving forward, we have created the project in java.net and we are now  requesting to move the project from private to public. We also have our group created in the meetup.com platform so we can leverage in all the features that this platform has to offer. 

You can join our group at www.clojug.com to stay tuned for our upcoming meetings. Join us if you live in Cali-Colombia and want to share your knowledge and learn from other Java Lovers.

What is CLOJUG?
CLO is our city code and JUG stands for Java Users Group. We are a group of enthusiasts who are passionate about Java technology seeking to share our experience/knowledge with others.

How can I join?
It's simple, just go to www.clojug.com, click on the button join us and attend our monthly meetings. Both professionals and students can join as we have content for both profiles.

Does it cost?
Most presentations and meetings are free, however, the big event we do each year may have a minimal cost used for logistics and snacks.

When and where are the meetings?
Generally we meet on the fourth Saturday of each month except on December and the place is confirmed before the meeting. Since the Colombian calendar has many holidays, if the fourth Saturday of the month coincides with a holiday then the meeting is moved to the prior Saturday. Meetings are scheduled through the meetup platform and attendees are expected to do their RSVPs to ensure its entry to the place of the meeting.

Do I have to attend to all the meetings in order to be a member of the group?
Of course not! Each member decides which meetings to attend. Our meetings have different content for different profiles.

How can I participate?
You can participate in many ways. The most basics are commenting on our forums or attending some of our meetings. Actually there are many ways to participate in the Java community: 

see ya!