Monday, May 6, 2013

ADF Essentials: Logger level

Hello all.  Here is a small tip that can help you when debugging your ADF Essentials applications. Turns out that when you run your ViewController project, you get some messages on the console panel as shown in the following picture:

However, some times you need more information about what the framework is doing in order to solve bugs, improve performance or just debugging. In order to get detailed information, follow these steps:

1. Go to the ViewController project Project properties option:

2. A dialog pops up, select, on the left, the category Run/Debug/Profile, select the Default configuration (or the configuration you use to run the application) and click on the Edit button:

3. Another dialog pops up, pay attention to the Java Options text box, the options you enter here are going to be used by the JVM once the application is running:

4. Enter the following options in the Java Options text box:

-Djbo.debugoutput=console -Djbo.adflogger.level=FINE

5. At the end, you should end with something like this:

Press the OK button and the next time you run your application, the console panel will show a lot more information,  you can even see the queries that are being executed:

OK, that's it for this post, hopefully, with this configuration you will find more information that will let you fix your bugs or improve the performance of your application.

see ya!