Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Java One 2013 - Day 0 and Day 1

Hello everyone!!

It's been 3 days for me at JavaOne, first day is not an official day (Saturday), but was charged with a lot of networking, because that my friends, is the second most important reason to attend to this conference. So, lets see what I've been up to during these days:

Day 0 --> Saturday 21st 2013

This was the #GeekBikeRide day, we were supposed to leave at 11am, but the rain delayed everything, so we left at around 12m. It was quite scary at first, you know, the floor was wet, one person of the group even fell off and had to abandon...  

We went all the way to Sausalito crossing the Golden Gate bridge, really nice views, two difficult hills but a nice experience. It stopped raining once we reached the bridge. At Sausalito we had lunch and took the ferry back to San Francisco! Great view of Alcatraz, the bridge and the San Francisco city.

In the picture, among others, are +Kevin Nilson and +Van Riper from the Silicon Valley JUG, +Antonio Goncalves author of Beginning Java EE 7+Badr ELHOUARI Morocco JUG leader and +Arun Gupta Java Evangelist and author of Java EE 7 Essentials.

At the end of the day Team Brazil and +Stephen Chin hosted a Brazilian BBQ... it was delicious, thank you  guys! Once again, tons of networking. I even met a Java Champion from Colombia Andres Almiray who is running an open source coding event during Java One called Codegarten

Day 1 --> Sunday 22nd 2013

This was the first Java One 2013 official day. This year Java One started before Open World so the keynote and user groups sessions were delivered at Moscone

The keynote was really interesting and it was full of surprises. First, Project Avatar was announced as open source!
Then, at the technical keynote, +Jasper Potts and other members of the Java team from Oracle showed a chess game built using Java EE 7, but the interesting part, is that the different clients for the Java EE 7 backend were: a HTML 5 application that runs on tablets, cellphones and PCs, a DukePad and a Robot (see the picture). Really awesome!

The rest of the day was packed with user groups sessions where I was able to interact with user groups leaders from around the world, sharing experiences and making connections. Special thanks to +Bruno Souza from Brazil, +Badr ELHOUARI from Morocco and Fai├žal Boutaounte from JCertif for sharing their experiences and their valuable advices.

At night, we went to the Glassfish community party at the Thirsty Bear, once again, another opportunity for networking, free food and drinks yeii!! Had a great time with Team Brazil and met other Java One attendees. One special person I met that night was Robert Treacy, a legend, he has been at 16 JavaOne conferences, 16!!! and this is the 18th JavaOne, OMG, lots of stories and a great talk.

More days to come, several sessions to attend and more networking events.

See ya!