Monday, November 25, 2013

CLOJUG - November 2013: Last meeting of the year

We run our regular JUG meeting on 23-NOV-2013 at a local pizzeria in Cali, Colombia. We decided to meet outside the classrooms in order to have a more easygoing and networking oriented meeting. It was a success, members of the CLOJUG started to talk each other about their roles, projects and, of course, Java. This was our last meeting in 2013, we hope to see you all again in JAN-2014.

Thanks to all our sponsors: Univalle, Unicesi, Oracle, PluralSight, Whizlabs, Codesa, O'reilly and Pack Publishing for their support during 2013.

Here are some pictures of this event:

Stay tuned for our events and if you live in Cali-Colombia, come to our meetings and become a member of our great community!

see ya!