Thursday, November 7, 2013

CLOJUG - October 2013: JavaOne 2013 + Certification Panel

Hello all! This is a small update about what we did at the Cali (CLO) Java User Group - CLOJUG during Octuber 2013.

We have new sponsors: Packt Publishing is now offering books discounts to our members and some free eBooks for our meetings. Codesa is now offering location and speakers for our meetings. Whizlabs is now offering discounts for their certification preparation solutions to our members. Thanks to our new sponsors!

We run our regular meeting on 26-OCT-2013 at Universidad del Valle. We had the opportunity to learn about JavaOne 2013 why it is important to Java developers and some tips that may help you in case you decide to attend. Members were interested about the conference and all the technical content that you can access. By the way, JavaOne 2013 content is available on demand now, you can watch for free:
    As requested by our members, we did a certification panel where Java Certified members of CLOJUG talked about how they prepare for certification, how is the certification process, how much is it costs, whether it is relevant for your career, etc. It was a fun session, thanks to Isaias Lopez from Codesa, Java Certified Professional, for attending and sharing his experience with us.

    We also run giveaways from our sponsors O'Reilly, Packt Publishing and Pluralsight - Hardcore Developer Training. They gave us books and free passes to access PluralSight's entire training library.

    Here are some pictures of this event:

    Stay tuned for our events and if you live in Cali-Colombia, come to our meetings and become a member of our great community!

    see ya