Monday, June 2, 2014

CLOJUG - May 2014: Java 8 λs Hands-On-Lab

Hello all! This is a small update about what we did at the Cali (CLO) Java User Group - CLOJUG during May 2014.

We run our regular meeting on 17-MAY-2014 at Universidad Javeriana, our new sponsor. We followed the JavaOne 2013 Hands on Lab about Lambda expressions in Java 8, but using the latest versions of Java SE 8 and Netbeans 8. Attendees were able to play with the new features by resolving some of the exercises, some of them really finished the HOL! Those who finished most of the exercises received either t-shirts or Pluralsight - Hardcore Dev and IT Training coupons.  

Here are some pictures of this event:

Stay tuned for our events and if you live in Cali-Colombia, come to our meetings and become a member of our great community!

see ya!