Tuesday, September 30, 2014

JavaOne 2014 - Sunday

I had my presentation on Sunday, talked about developing web apps using ADF Essentials + MySQL + Glassfish server.

The room was full! and I'm glad I shared my experiences using this technology. I have to improve my timings, though. You can download my slides here.

At the end, few questions and the relief of having done a good job.

The JavaOne Strategy and Technical keynote started really good with the following video:

However, I have to say that the rest of the keynote was not what I was expecting. And I'm not saying that because the Demo car didn't work at first, but the way how the keynote ended, just when Brian Goetz, the Java Language Architect!! Was talking about lambdas and the presentation was getting better... He was literally kicked off stage.

In the afternoon attended a few more sessions about ADF. At evening, went to the Glassfish appreciation event, which was held at the Thirsty Bear, good food, free beverages, yeii!!

see ya!

JavaOne 2014 - Saturday

So, for those of you who don't know this, JavaOne actually starts on Saturday. There are some activities before the actual starting day that you don't want to miss.

For example, there is the Geek Bike Ride, which is really fun, it is organized by +Kevin Nilson, a well known java community leader. We started at fisherman's and went across the Golden Gate bridge heading to Sausalito where we enjoyed a good meal after the workout. Then we took the ferry back to San Francisco and enjoyed an amazing view of the bay.

Some pictures of the bike riding:

Also, there was an event called Devoxx4Kids, where about 150 kids spent the whole day learning about programming. They used scratch, arduinos, and legos. Some of the Java community members were volunteers and helped during the sessions.

Some pictures about Devoxx4Kids:

If you are planning to attend JavaOne 2015, make plans to arrive on Friday so you can enjoy these pre-conference events. 

see ya!