Saturday, March 21, 2015

Should I commit .adfc_diagram files?

Wondering whether you should commit *.adfc_diagram files?
You should know that JDeveloper saves the position in the diagram of each component in these files, so if your diagram looks like this:

And if you don't commit these files, next time you checkout/clone from your version control system, it may look like the following, since JDeveloper will create a new file with default positions:

Each task flow has its own file, and the name for these files follows this pattern:


Where {TASK_FLOW_ID} is the task flow id you defined for the task flow when you created it. Now, if you want to know where is JDeveloper saving these files, you can go to Project Properties -> Project Source Paths -> Modelers:

Further more, if you want to know/change the directory where JDeveloper saves theses files inside your project, go to Application -> Default Project Properties -> Project Source Paths -> Modelers:

see ya!