Monday, April 13, 2015

Java SE 7 End of Public Updates

Oracle has announced the last public release of JDK 7 to be delivered on April 2015.

This means that any security and bug fixes won't be available for public download but for Oracle customers only. You can, of course, download JDK 7 always, but the version you download after April 2015 won't have any new security or bug fixes.
If you have applications developed with JDK 7 you can:
  1. Buy a commercial support of Java SE to become an Oracle customer.  You will keep getting updates of JDK 7 and several other benefits.
  2. Migrate to Java SE 8 and keep getting public updates of JDK 8 until 2017
  3. Do nothing... Your applications will continue to work as they do today (if run on JDK 7), but of course, there are security and performance risks.

More info can be found in this link and on the following video:

See ya!